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Awaiting an Awakening (2012)

  1. Carnival of Light
  2. Skylight
  3. You Brought Me Back
  4. Tall in the Saddle
  5. Dreaming Again
  6. This is the Time
  7. Refugees from Reality
  8. Absent Minded
  9. Horizon to Horizon*
  10. And then Again…*

*tracks available only with purchase of album

Tracks #1-8 produced by Shane Watt (also a visual artist who makes fictional maps), tracks #9-10 produced by A Montreal Paul

When We Get There Front 6

When We Get There (2014)

  1. Dead Again/Born Again
  2. Love Leaks
  3. In a Sense
  4. May This Day
  5. Mango Revolution
  6. Mendacity in Motion
  7. Letter Never Sent
  8. Awaiting an Awakening
  9. Tahini
  10. I Don’t Mind
  11. Out of the Music Box
  12. Despair’s Borderline
  13. Nothing is Revealed
  14. This Moment’s Music

Cover photo by Rachel Trooper

“This Moment’s Music” lyrics based on verse by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Basic tracks (except #7,9,11,14 and parts of “Nothing is Revealed”) produced by Laura Crapo with engineering assistance from Alden Penner. Recorded March 2014 in Montreal, QC. Instrumental overdubs and mixes for these tracks by Laura Crapo spring 2014. Further vocal overdubs by A Montreal Paul, summer 2014.

A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitars
Laura Crapo- Keyboards, drums, whistling (on “Mango Revolution”), Instrumental arrangements
“Letter Never Sent”, “I Don’t Mind”, “Despair’s Borderline”, and “This Moment’s Music” recorded by Max Demarais at Bridgehead Studio, Longueil, QC, April 2014. Further vocal overdubs and mixing by A Montreal Paul, summer 2014.

A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitar
“Nothing is Revealed”: parts were recorded as in 1): the basic track for the other parts is a demo recorded by A Montreal Paul in 2013, with overdubs recorded, produced and mixed by Shane Watt in September- October 2014. Sections edited together by A Montreal Paul.
A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitars, organ, melodica, percussion, instrumental arrangement
Laura Crapo- Keyboards, drums, instrumental arrangement
Shane Watt- Melodica, instrumental arrangement

Mastering by Fran Ashcroft at Happybeat Studios


Now the Robots are Dancing…in Summer Heat (2015)

Playing 01:43
Interlude 00:56

released 18 August 2015

Performed by A Montreal Paul

Shane Watt, who did most of the instrumental arrangements, recording and mixing on “Mellotron” and “A Song”, as well as singing harmonies on those songs. He also played drums on “Song of the Mosquitoes” and bass on “I Am Your Robot”, and mixed those songs.

Eric Bent on drums on “Mellotron” and “A Song”

and featuring Krista Muir’s Memotron part on “Mellotron”. She also played tambourine and sang harmonies on that track.

Produced by A Montreal Paul and Shane Watt

Mastered by Shane Watt

Songs written by Paul Beaulieu (SOCAN) although “Mellotron” and “A Song” in particular were enhanced by Shane Watt’s arrangements, while “Summer Legs” and “Hot,, Heavy, and Sticky” were co-written by Ethan Taylor Winters and Joshua Alexander Winters.


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