Playing at the Yellow Door Coffeehouse Open Stage

The Yellow Door Coffeehouse has been around for about fifty years, I believe, although my history with it is much shorter. I first played there about ten years ago, at the Open Stage (no mic!), which took place, as it does now, every Friday night. In those days, the Open Stage took place on Fridays while a featured performer would do a set every Saturday. In recent years the two weekly events have been merged into one. So every Friday night has a featured performer doing two short sets, while others perform one or two songs each over the course of the evening. I was a featured performer in early December 2010.

After a couple of years away, I returned to the Friday night Coffeehouse this summer and was quickly impressed by the diversity and quality of the performers. You can see a couple of videos of my own performances on this website, but you can see videos of other performers here. I was asked to be a featured performer once more this Friday, September 12. I will mainly play my own songs, including one inspired by an early Yellow Door Coffeehouse experience, and including some from my upcoming album. I’ll also throw in a couple of covers and a surprise or two! A group called Best Friends will make its debut Yellow Door appearance too…get ready to sing along!

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