What Did He Say This Time?

I recall there were two sides to World War II, too
But seriously, what’s gotten hold of you?
Oh, right, it’s the usual story
Hope and glory all very well
Comforting myths about our virtue
Can weave their spell
– Never mind if they’re true –
But fear’s a more potent spur
A powerful aid to the hard sell
By flim flam men and con artists
With their snake oil solutions
To soothe the stirrings of our deepest fears
I said, “You follow him and it’ll come to tears”
But when you finally did deign to hear me
You answered “I want high walls and closed doors
And if it comes to tears, I hope it’s yours”

But now they march to make us fear them
To divide us into followers and victims
But they, and all who do this
By attacking some, attack all of us

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Music in the Darkness

A living room performance of “We Can Do Better Than This”

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Video of “To Get Away From it All”

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Children’s Songs About Nature

The other day I wrote three songs when visiting a school.

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New album: Interesting Times

It’s a short album, consisting of all-new songs (all from this year). There’s some satirical tunes, a dreamy atmospheric instrumental, and a PSA against bullying by children and adults alike. Check it out!

  1. Snowflakes 02:57
  2. To Get Away From It All 04:29
  3. (I Wanna Be A) Paid Protester 02:59
  4. Interesting Times 03:09
  5. Together Against Bullying 02:45

released May 17, 2017

Performed and produced by A Montreal Paul

Recorded between January and May 2017

All songs by Paul Beaulieu

Songs registered with SOCAN

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I’d Like to Believe We Can Do Better

A couple of new songs in demo form:

They say better ways don’t exist

But surely we can do better than this

And that’s pretty much it.

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A Christmas Album by Voices Arising

Well, me, really, but Voices Arising are a side project through which I can record and release more choral-type music, rather than the folky-alternative-rock stuff I do as A Montreal Paul. Here is is, then…six tracks, including two originals.


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