A Montreal Paul is relocating to Burlington, Vermont, but was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He actually began writing songs during his three years spent living in New York when he was working as a mild-mannered  librarian by day. He began making up melodies as therapy to soothe his anxiety attacks (brought on by the stresses of life in the big city), after listening obsessively to a Beach Boys box set whilst dwelling in a Brooklyn basement. At first his songs existed as a combination of a capella harmonies and imaginary instrumentation, but after returning to Montreal he learned to play the guitar and sing in public. He has released three albums and an EP so far. He  plays his songs solo and has played with a band consisting of Shane Watt (bass, harmonies), Nicholas Waters (lead guitar, harmonies), Eric Bent (drums) and, when circumstances permit, Krista Muir (harmonies, tambourine). With his band he  played in the Psych Fest Montreal and the Suoni Per Il Popolo Experimental Music Festival.


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