New: Order a Custom-Made Song!


Looking for an unique gift idea for that somebody in your life that has everything? Looking for a special way to celebrate a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah, wedding)? Why not have a song custom made?

I am A Montreal Paul,a singer songwriter/guitar player with a home studio setup. I can write words, music, and make a recording of your song featuring vocals, accoustic guitar and touches of keyboard and percussion. Just send me a message indicating

  • The person/occasion the song is for
  • How long you want it to be (I charge $100 for the first minute and $75 for each subsequent minute)
  • The style of the music
  • The ideas and emotions you want the song to convey
  • Any particular phases you want to appear or to influence the song

Please note that extra charges apply if you want a more elaborate arrangement or a professional studio

You can contact me by email: amtlpaul “at” gmail “dot” com

And here are a couple of testimonials:

From Ronit: What do you get the man (or woman) who has everything? My boyfriend has everything and it’s not easy finding something meaningful for him. For our recent anniversary, I asked Paul if he would write and sing a song based on some facts about us. The result was just amazing. My boyfriend was astounded. For the first few moments he was completely confused, not understanding how there was this song out there that seemed to be about US! Was this a coincidence? The look on his face was priceless as he realized that in fact this song was truly about us, about our journey together as a couple. The lyrics are framed and hanging on his wall, and the song is replayed frequently.

There is really no better way to give the ‘gift of your journey’. Paul was a genius in capturing all the anecdotes I gave him, setting it to music and performing it.

This is really a special way to capture a moment in time, and Paul did a fantastic job. Best gift ever

From Francois: This is truly a one-of-a-kind gift, that truly lasts a life-time! I couldn’t believe this song was for me. At first I thought “How did she find a song about *us*:” And then I realized…this is for us! This is really amazing. This is a gift that your partner will remember forever