On The Cities Lips (Krista Muir cover) on HCR Podcast

My cover of Krista Muir‘s song “On the Cities Lips” recently appeared on a podcast by Holy Crap Records, alongside Krista’s original. I’d actually started work on it 2018 but finished it up for a covers contest (of indie performers, by indie performers). (I’d embed the podcast but it doesn’t seem to work!)

The two versions of the song are quite different, but it is interesting to do a different take on a song that hopefully still is true to the essence of it. Of course, I have some experience doing covers of songs by better known artists, and it’s the same process, really. Here’s somebody else’s song, how do I do something interesting with it? With better known songs, the advantage and disadvantage is that it’s likely already familiar to the listener. By contrast, hopefully, most of the people who hear my cover of “Cities Lips” won’t have heard it before or be all that familiar with Krista’s songs. And these are songs that ought to be better known. So have a listen…

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