Now the Robots are Dancing…coming out Tuesday, August 18, 2015


My third LP is due out this coming Tuesday. It’s a summer-themed album, and although summer is beginning its dwindling out phase, consider it something to remember the summer by. Shane Watt lent his always invaluable assistance to these tracks, and I also am indebted to my wife Dionne for her advice. Here are the tracks:

Summertime Again- with apologies to the Gershwins, this is the jazziest track I’ve ever done, maybe because I wrote it on the melodica rather than the guitar. I wrote it as I was recording it, this past springtime (I was looking forward to summertime then).

As a Mellotron- the magic of this track might be explained by its elegant simplicity, enhanced by Shane Watt on vocals and various instruments and Krista Muir on the Memotron (a Mellotron soundalike).

Playing- All about the joys of joining together to play and to create, inspired by “anarchist soccer” games in Montreal

A Song- But not just any song…this one has an odd structure, but also boasts a catchy chorus. Shane did a lot with this one too.

Summer Legs/Stained Glass Serenades- Summer Legs is a children’s song partly composed by children, co-written by my step-sons Josh and Ethan. Stained Glass Serenades is a time of elation.

Interlude- Just a sonic diversion. If this album were a vinyl LP, this track would be the pause while you got up and turned the record over.

Hot, Steamy, and Sticky– A variation on the Summer Legs  theme

Fish to Water- And when it is hot and sticky, it’s time to find some cold water to get immersed in.

Song of the Mosquitoes– They also thrive in the summertime. This song is under a minute long. You wouldn’t want it to be longer.

Dance Upon the Water- Departing from the summertime theme, we imagine Jesus’ second coming taking place during the disco era.

I am Your Robot- Awkwardly dancing robots, making calls for their political masters, playing their assigned roles- however unwholesome- only to find that despite their slavish loyalty, they are as expendable as all our electric gadgets are once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Remember Her Name- Social awkwardness in song with a catchy “la la la la” chorus. The song takes some interesting turns, and I am so glad to be married now.

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