It’s Out! When We Get There is Here!

When We Get There Front 6

Now available via

Love Leaks 02:27
In a Sense 01:50
Tahini 02:28


released 22 November 2014

Songs by Paul Beaulieu (registered with SOCAN) except words for #14 by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks.

Basic tracks (except #7,9,11,14 and parts of “Nothing is Revealed”) produced by Laura Crapo with engineering assistance from Alden Penner. Recorded March 2014 in Montreal, QC. Instrumental overdubs and mixes for these tracks by Laura Crapo spring 2014. Further vocal overdubs by A Montreal Paul, summer 2014.

A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitars
Laura Crapo- Keyboards, drums, whistling (on “Mango Revolution”), Instrumental arrangements

“Letter Never Sent”, “I Don’t Mind”, “Despair’s Borderline”, and “This Moment’s Music” recorded by Max Demarais at Bridgehead Studio, Longueil, QC, April 2014. Further vocal overdubs and mixing by A Montreal Paul, summer 2014.

A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitar

“Nothing is Revealed”: parts were recorded as in 1): the basic track for the other parts is a demo recorded by A Montreal Paul in 2013, with overdubs recorded, produced and mixed by Shane Watt in September- November 2014. Sections edited together by A Montreal Paul.

A Montreal Paul- Vocals, guitars, organ, melodica, percussion, instrumental arrangement

Laura Crapo- Keyboards, drums, instrumental arrangement

Shane Watt- Melodica, keyboards, percussion, instrumental arrangement

Mastering by Fran Ashcroft at Happybeat Studios, UK, in November

Cover photo by Rachel Trooper (

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